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Don't know where to bring the kids for a short vacation in Miami? Try Miami Seaquarium, Jungle Island and not forgetting Venetian Pool

Top 3 Attractions in Miami for Kids

Feb 12, 2014

Miami is currently seeing a continuing trend of becoming the mecca for artists and live entertainment. Before this, Miami is your regular beach town where people head to when they want to chill out with their loved ones or friends. Today, instead of being labelled a ‘beach town’, it is now an ‘artistic beach town’.

The thing with visiting Miami with the young ones in tow is that you can’t really bring them to art museums, especially not when it is a whole-day tour. So, here are some top spots to bring the kids to when you want to keep them occupied.

Miami Seaquarium

Frankly speaking, you can’t quite find an equal to Seaquarium, regardless of where you looked. It is unique and boasts of its own personal, unique style. It is a great place for the kids to come and have some fun all day long without them calling out to you that they are bored.

One of the biggest draw at Miami Seaquarium is there sheer number of dolphin shows that they have on on an everyday basis. The show stealer (at the time of writing this) is Flipper who puts on one of the funniest sealion show you will ever see. Together with their trainers, dolphins, sea lions and killer whales show you that trained animals are, indeed, incredibly talented.

The Seaquarium is at 4400 Rickenbacker Cswy, Key Biscayne, FL 33149.

Jungle Island

In a nutshell, Miami’s Jungle Island is a mix between a zoo and a park, providing exhibits, slides, shows and petting zoo opportunities. Many Miami bus rental visitors thought that the Hippo Slide which measures up to 168 ft in height was a pretty unbeatable experience.

Other animals that the kids will get a chance to meet, up close and personal are regular, small baby animals, reptiles, lemurs, crocodile, white lions, tigers, kangaroos, rare birds, absolutely adorable penguins and orangutans.

Profit made from the admission fee and the fee that you would have to pay to take pictures with or feed the animals go into conservation and preservation efforts. Jungle Island is located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trl, Miami, FL 33132.

Venetian Pool

Miami’s Venetian Pool might be a foreign tourist magnet but one thing you can be sure about it is....the locals love it too. Many consider it a regular weekend getaway and spend countless hours with their kids just lounging around on the sand and playing with the water in the pool.

The pool is huge by anyone’s standard so, even when there is a large crowd, there is loads of space to play around in. Powered by more than 820,000 gallon of water fed from spring water by an underground aquifer. Miami’s Venetian Pool receives so much attention that when it is really popular during summer and spring, the water from the pool is completely drained and filled up again every day. The pool, together with the waterfall, makes any trouble you would have to endure regarding queues and crowds, worth it.

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