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Mar 26, 2013 - Seafood dining delights in Miami

Miami-Dade county Florida, unbeknownst to some, is one of the most expensive real estate in Miami. You don’t have to own a property there to enjoy the beautiful beaches but the quiet beachfront neighborhood is quite, literally speaking, every home owner’s dream. Just imagine waking up to the sound of waves splashing in from the Atlantic ocean every morning. Imagine the opportunity to hang out with your friends every so often as you hold picnic parties. Imagine the kids playing around on the beach during the evenings while you walk the dog for a couple of miles after dinner. This is what the county’s community beachfront community is all about.

Located a little way away from Miami-Dade is Biscayne Bay which is slightly more popular and is completely separate from Miami beach and the downtown area of Miami City. Explore both fronts if you can and make use of the convenient use of a Miami bus rental service which is affordable. Look around for the right charter bus rental company in Miami, compare the prices and then you are ready to hop on over for the time of your life.

The one good thing about Miami beach and the cities and counties lying around it is that there is always a good variety of restaurants, malls, retail outlets and local stores nearby. Miami people are always very conscious about supporting their local business...and when you are on a budget trip like this, it pays to patron their local seafood restaurants. Being a beachside community means that there is fresh seafood everywhere. So, it is time to get on the Miami rented bus and start the food hunt!

Eating out in Miami does not have to be expensive, as often perceived by people who do not know where to find and locate these businesses. Sure, we want to have some great atmosphere to go along with the fantastically fine seafood dishes and also the grilled grouper that comes with home-made fettuccine, just a couple of times during your Miami charter bus rental visit, we encourage our customers to patron the local businesses just to try out their different styles of cooking.

For comfort, style and quality, we reckon the AltaMare Restaurant is going to deliver on their promise - they are a well-known and respected culinary destination that has been earning a name for themselves in the dining scene. Their extensive wine list have earned awards and accolodes over the years and the open kitchen have passed every scrutiny test thrown their way. Chef Simon, the man behind the apron, have a heavy hand playing creator to the hotbed of unique menu dishes - the ocean rock shrimp and local snapper ceviche. Don’t forget to try the Terracotta seafood pot too - people’s been saying incredibly good things about these dishes and if the chance presents itself, it should be taken.