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Oct 3, 2012 - Miami – The Wolfsonian Art Museum

If you are into industrial objects, metal work, books, paintings, glass decorations and furniture...basically stuff that are old and hold significant value in terms of design and culture, then you are in for a treat when you hit the Wolfsonian Art Museum. The Wolfsonian is sponsored by the Florida International University which is located on Washington Avenue. The campus is a nice and popular one with students from other parts of the country.

The artifact exhibits are basically furniture and artwork collected from North American and European countries which are dated as far back as 1885.

Wolfsonian museum aims to research and showcases artworks that powerfully persuades, expresses and makes people think. It is a way modern people can quietly observe, think and learn about these objects and what the creator intended to convey. Our bus rental Miami customers who went there came out from the exhibition much more of a thinker, so says Laura, a regular customer of ours. Sometimes, it takes very little to just make us reflect on how far human beings have come and most art lovers love to think about life and creation.

The Wolfsonian also have a very rare collection of books and paper and textile based creations that are hard to find in other museums. What is really unique about your visit here would be about how you will learn how to look at the same object from different angles to see a completely different perspective. That's art...and that is powerful.

In a lot of ways, that is precisely what Wolfsonian is all about. If you are currently organizing something, a trip, a school field trip or just looking for a place to hold an event (they have different types of space for rental, do check out their website for more information –

A reminder to our bus rental Miami customers – the museum can be packed with people during summer months and school holidays so, if you are heading over in a group, please be prepared for long lines and endless waits for a parking spot. Apart from that, the Wolfsonian Art Museum is a definite winner as far as museums are concerned.